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Ryan Gardner 12/10/12 08:27 AM

Today, we're excited to premiere a new acoustic rendition of a song from SONS. Hailing from Huntington, Indiana, SONS will appeal to fans of Kevin Devine, mewithoutYou, and The Dear Hunter. Interested? Hit the replies or their AP.net Profile to check out "Doubt." The track comes from their upcoming EP, Keep Quieter, which drops tomorrow via SloSpeak Records.

Ryan Gardner 12/10/12 08:27 AM

SONS - "Doubt"

Spencer Control 12/10/12 08:40 AM

I like it, a lot.

dookiedog 12/10/12 09:10 AM

This is really good!

jrtbighurt 12/10/12 09:12 AM

Pretty decent.

cholly 12/10/12 09:15 AM

Never heard of them before, but I'm kind of in love now. Thanks.

thesinkingship 12/10/12 09:21 AM

You used The Dear Hunter incorrectly.

combatchuckaa 12/10/12 09:33 AM

Just a heads up, this is an acoustic version of the song that was released on their full-length album earlier this year. Check that album out here:


It's in the store. Or you can check it out on iTunes if you're into digital.

Hindenburg 12/10/12 09:34 AM

good, but no Sohns!

collinsurvive 12/10/12 10:10 AM

Enjoying this a lot.

joeurban55 12/10/12 11:32 AM

Digging it

jdr277 12/10/12 11:47 AM

Really enjoyed that gonna have to check these guys out.

jayromofo 12/10/12 11:59 AM

So reminds me of Manchester Orchestra. Not sure if I like this version more than the full length one.
Good band!

awakeohsleeper 12/10/12 01:21 PM

I love SONS.

IdiotFlight 12/10/12 02:31 PM

Band is soo good and excited for this release.

Edit: While I really like the song on the original release and on the EP before, I don't think it transitions well onto acoustic. That's my thought on after 1 listen though. Will listen to it more.