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popdisaster00 12/10/12 11:54 AM

After Earth (M. Night Shyamalan, 2013)

After Earth opens on June 7th, 2013.

suicidesaints 12/10/12 12:03 PM

Will Smith is dead the whole time

PAPER R1VAL 12/10/12 12:20 PM

I bet Smith wishes he did Django Unchained now...

Farva2 12/10/12 12:26 PM

i dig me some smith but with m night behind the wheel.....

popdisaster00 12/10/12 12:29 PM

Yeah, this will probably be pretty bad. I don't think I can muster up enough interest if the movie is all about the kid.

suicidesaints 12/10/12 12:35 PM

I can't lie I liked M Night at one point in time, but I was young and there wasn't 10000 other directors doing the same thing only better...

I'll probably catch it on Blu Ray/DVD though

Gaugzilla 12/10/12 12:35 PM

I honestly don't think it looks bad. If it were any other director, I think people would be stoked. This looks like a completely different movie for M. Night.

popdisaster00 12/10/12 12:38 PM

Seeing this and the Oblivion trailer within 10 minutes of each other kind of cancels both of them out.

a speedo model 12/10/12 02:07 PM


ctmk 12/10/12 03:09 PM


Originally Posted by PAPER R1VAL (Post 116346112)
I bet Smith wishes he did Django Unchained now...

thankfully he didn't

wileythekid 12/10/12 04:53 PM

actually doesn't look that bad

cococrisp20 12/10/12 06:38 PM

what a twist!

ImTheSheriff 12/10/12 06:46 PM


Alex DiVincenzo 12/10/12 08:10 PM

My hopes aren't too high, but I'll check it out.

Chris M. 12/10/12 08:38 PM

Actually looks kinda interesting, but given who's directing I'm not getting my hopes up.