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Drew Beringer 12/10/12 12:10 PM

ATP Presents: Simple Plan Interview
Head on over to Alter The Press to check out a recent interview they did with Chuck Comeau of Simple Plan. They discuss the band's new book, take a nostalgic look back to the story of the band's origins and much more.
From The Interview It just felt like it was the right time. After ten years since the first album came out ["No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls"] it was good timing. I was so happy we were able to put it out when the band is still current and doing well. This wasn't like when a band puts out a book ten years after they had their biggest hit when their career is going down the train. I thought it would be cool and great timing when things are still going amazing for the band. We are still loving what we do and their is still so much passion for Simple Plan.

kismet 12/10/12 07:05 PM

I'm bummed that they aren't that huge in the US. I really do enjoy most of their stuff, no matter how cheesy it gets.