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samantha83 12/10/12 12:43 PM

Whitney Houston vs Judy Garland??
Who had the better singing voice in their prime? and why??

cshadows2887 12/11/12 12:59 AM

Donut Burger 12/11/12 08:05 AM

Who had better drug addiction?

TheRealJohnOC 12/11/12 11:12 AM


Originally Posted by Donut Burger (Post 116394032)
Who had better drug addiction?

Gotta go with Whitney. Although, if Judy was big at the same time Whitney was, I'd go with Judy. I think Judy's blood had the same amount of drugs as 10 pills do. It was some insane number like that. Both were junkies, there's no denying that.

CoopDawg 12/11/12 12:45 PM


Originally Posted by cshadows2887 (Post 116389172)