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Christian Wagner 12/11/12 06:19 AM

On My Honor Debuts Music Video, Launches Pre-Order
On My Honor released a video for "Indrid Cold," which you can view in the replies. In addition, the band has put up pre-orders for its split with two versions - one with the UK-based Above the Underground and the other will feature A Brighter Life from South Carolina. Each will be limited to 250 copies. Pre-orders can be found here.

Christian Wagner 12/11/12 06:20 AM

JordanKTM 12/11/12 06:32 AM

"Music Video Video"'

mattplayscheap 12/11/12 06:47 AM

Great guys! My band did a show w them recently. They're great live and super respectful and not egotistical.

Gabeasl 12/11/12 10:20 AM

Glad this is out now. Makes me miss that tour.
Also if you haven't checked out Above The Underground or A Brighter Life, get on that shit.

poppunkwayo 12/11/12 10:22 AM

i love these guys, all of them