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gman610 12/11/12 09:03 AM

Josh Ritter - The Beast in Its Tracks (March 5, 2013)


1. Third Arm
2. Evil Eye
3. A Certain Light
4. Hopeful
5. Nightmares
6. New Lover
7. Heart's Ease
8. In Your Arms Again
9. The Appleblossom Rag
10. Bonfire
11. In Your Arms Awhile
12. Joy To Your Baby
13. Lights

New single, "Joy To You Baby":

Album teaser:

Pre-order packages and tour dates can be seen here.

A note from Josh:

Hey everyone,

I have a new album coming out on March 5, 2013. It’s called The Beast in Its Tracks. You can hear a song from it on joshritter.com

I wrote and recorded this record in the 18 months after my marriage had fallen apart. All heartbreak is awful – my broken heart wasn’t unique. But writing these songs was helping me get through the night and I didn’t have the strength to care or question.

It felt like a different record from the start. Far from the grand, sweeping feel of the songs on So Runs the World Away, these new ones felt like rocks in the shoe, hard little nuggets of whatever they were, be it spite, remorse, or happiness. I told all this to Sam Kassirer, my producer and friend. If we recorded these songs, which felt so personal, their starkness needed a corresponding simplicity of production. I hadn’t composed this stuff, I’d scrawled it down, just trying to keep ahead of the heartbreak, and they needed to be recorded like that.

Listening to it now makes me very proud. I can’t wait to share it with all of you.


irthesteve 12/11/12 09:04 AM

Josh Ritter is cool

jdr2187 12/11/12 09:20 AM

Have a feeling this album will be one of his best. Cant wait!

doyouhas? 12/11/12 11:29 AM

I don't love the new song, but I saw him play some other new stuff earlier this year, and it sounded great. I'm looking forward to this.

Mirrorsandfevers 12/11/12 11:35 AM

I really like the new song.

gman610 12/11/12 12:49 PM

Here's a live version of another new song, "New Lover":

I actually really like the single. I've given it a few listens now, and while I don't think it's his best song ever or anything, it's as solid as I could expect from him. I think it'll be even better in the context of the album, but we'll see. I too think this could be one of his best albums yet - he keeps getting better with each album, in my opinion. This seems like a return to The Animal Years and the material before that (which is spotty, I think, but has some of his best songs) but more mature and a little refined. Of course, it's hard to say that definitively with just one song, but that's the feeling I'm getting.

odizzle_word 12/11/12 01:15 PM

So. Excited.

alann 12/11/12 09:24 PM


Have my babies, Josh.

thesollopsist 12/12/12 05:44 PM

I'm yet to be let down by Ritter so I'm eagerly awaiting this.

El_Jeffe 12/13/12 01:32 AM

Can't wait for this. As horrible as it sounds, songwriters like this always write their best material after such personal loss. I feel terrible & selfish saying that, but this could be one great album.

cshadows2887 12/13/12 02:04 AM

Loved the last record. Am excited for this one.

doyouhas? 12/26/12 03:59 PM

New song (New Lover) over at NPR.


IcedOpethBlind 12/29/12 09:35 PM


jdr2187 02/01/13 12:11 PM

gman610 02/16/13 11:43 PM

So, this is out there apparently.