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bobsheiskawy 12/11/12 08:29 PM

trapped under ice t.

cowlord 12/11/12 08:40 PM

Hope they get on Warped lol

nick_smizzle 12/11/12 08:45 PM


Originally Posted by bobsheiskawy (Post 116428492)
trapped under ice t.


Coverbydesign 12/11/12 08:51 PM

Maybe I See Stars can hire out body count to take care of their little problem with Ronnie

craigisashark 12/11/12 08:51 PM

i am so excited about this!!!!!

kidinthebushes 12/11/12 09:29 PM

This signing was posted by DEP's wasn't?

kazuma_ootaro28 12/11/12 10:03 PM

Did not know they got back together/still going on.

WeltallAY 12/11/12 10:18 PM


Originally Posted by theredline (Post 116425572)
Can somebody ban this fool?

Seriously, he's in every fokken thread it seems.

TerrancePryor 12/11/12 10:57 PM


Originally Posted by cowlord (Post 116428952)
Hope they get on Warped lol

They did Warped Tour back in 07 (I think). Plus they performed at the Warped Tour 15th anniversary concert.

makeasound 12/11/12 11:36 PM


Originally Posted by cowlord (Post 116428952)
Hope they get on Warped lol

I saw them at Warped in 2003... It was very weird, yet kinda awesome haha

SourStuff 12/12/12 12:04 AM

I'm stoked on this. I hope that signing with Sumerian will offer opportunities for better production and perhaps influence from their new label mates. Throwing some groove with Ice-T's rage would be bitchin' as fuck.

InfiniteArms 12/12/12 02:53 AM

I don't like him in SVU, I don't like him as a rapper, and his reality tv show is just bad. I'm that guy, sorry.

hectorial85 12/12/12 03:45 AM


Originally Posted by Alex DiVincenzo (Post 116423762)
I hope they write a sequel to Cop Killa in which Ice-T solves the murder of a police officer SVU-style.

Ha. Excellent.

Body Count, Body MF Count!!!!!!

Ice-T is one of my fave rappers. OG. So many solid songs.

PerfectChaos337 12/12/12 05:20 AM

Bodycount rules. This is awesome news. Sumerian needs to get a Stray From The Path/BodyCount 2k13 tour poppin' off, haha.

UnderMyDreams 12/12/12 07:36 AM


Originally Posted by leftapart (Post 116425852)
What?!! the dude from law and order? hahaha, would have never guessed he had a rap metal group let alone signing to sumerian LET ALONE seeing a posting about him on here. X-):-|

Ice T and Body Count have been around way longer than SVU...