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DarkOne 12/12/12 02:33 AM

Any Chicago indie/rock/alt country bands currently active in the city?
I was curious to see if there are any good indie/rock/alt country bands that are currently active in the city of Chicago as far as palying shows and having some sort of a scene/crowd base.

Fourchordwonder 12/12/12 04:54 AM

As far as indie rock/sort of straying into pop punk territory, Late In the Playoffs is the best. AM Taxi is a little closer to the genre you described. They may or may not still be a band, but their album We Don't Stand A Chance is super good.

bobcatbob18 12/12/12 06:29 AM

My band? www.thousandpounder.bandcamp.com

We are about to release our new EP and are planning a cd release show which will most likely be at Beat Kitchen or Subterranean.

bladerdude360 12/12/12 10:51 AM

I heard this band Wilco is pretty cool...

Chris Collum 12/12/12 10:52 AM


Originally Posted by bladerdude360 (Post 116447172)
I heard this band Wilco is pretty cool...


KingOfSpain 12/12/12 12:07 PM

The Downtown Struts are pretty rad. They're more punk rock than anything you described, but their newest album is still really tight.

incognitojones 12/12/12 01:13 PM

One of my all-time favorite bands Debello hasn't played a show in forever :/

Scrawns 12/12/12 11:40 PM

A mutual friend's cousin plays bass in a band called Audiences, which are (as far as I know) kind of an indie rock band. I have had the chance to meet them a couple times (they often play shows inside the building they live in) and they are all really nice and welcoming people. In my opinion they sound kind of like the black keys but with a full band.

i highly recommend them if you are more into the indie rock scene. they play shows all the time and they are ridiculously cheap.

DarkOne 12/13/12 12:44 PM

There's some pretty good recommendations on this page. I always love to check out new music and a number of my friends in the Chicago area are growing older, not going to many shows anymore so I don't get told about what's going on as much anymore.

Amongster 12/15/12 02:31 PM

Shy Technology is a solid Chicago indie group.

All their albums are available for free on their bandcamp.