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Drew Beringer 12/12/12 02:56 AM

Stream New Ra Ra Riot Song
You can stream a new Ra Ra Riot track titled "When I Dream" in the replies. The band's upcoming album Beta Love hits stores on January 22nd, 2013.

Drew Beringer 12/12/12 02:56 AM


ChrisJamesAdams 12/12/12 03:32 AM

Whoever decided to drench his voice in auto tune is a damn fool.

TorontoMatt 12/12/12 05:16 AM

What autotune? Sounds raw to me. Just like it should

tell that mick 12/12/12 06:23 AM

Loving the new direction they've taken. When I first heard "Beta Love" I was a little put off by the synths replacing the strings, but "Beta Love" has been one of the most consistently played songs on my iPod for the past couple weeks now. This is great, too.

Anthony Sorendino 12/12/12 06:26 AM

I like this. The Orchard has some sweet tracks on it. Looking forward to this.

AloneInTheDark 12/12/12 07:27 AM

This is SO good! Really excited for this record.

Capulet 12/12/12 08:37 AM

wow their new sound is unreal

TwelveTribes230 12/12/12 10:28 AM

Sounds great!

adamKS 12/12/12 03:59 PM

i dig. .this band just does not dissapoint

Mens 12/12/12 04:56 PM

i like

NorthstarPark 12/12/12 05:18 PM

They had synths in a few of their songs so I'm not surprised they went into this direction. I am really loving the 2 songs I heard from this album. Probably my most anticipated of 13.

BobDylanismyman 12/12/12 10:23 PM

really enjoying this.

mikenewsbears 12/17/12 10:30 AM

Just saw them live with Passion Pit a few weeks ago and was REALLY impressed (being a fan of the first 2 albums of course). They played a couple other new songs besides Beta Love and wasn't really feeling them. This song however is unreal.