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Alex DiVincenzo 12/12/12 08:22 AM

Post Season (ex-Handguns) Announce Debut EP
Post Season (ex-Handguns, Nothing to Prove) will release their debut EP, Restless Nights, on December 18th via their own IDGRE (I Donít Give A Recordings). A 7" will later be available from Broken Rim Records. The band's upcoming tour dates with The Tired & True can be found in the replies.

Alex DiVincenzo 12/12/12 08:23 AM

ConnorCorruptNJ 12/12/12 08:34 AM


codeseven 12/12/12 09:07 AM

I doubt they'll be touring with Handguns any time soon...

EDIT: I just gave it a listen. I forgot these are the dudes that sound exactly like Houston Calls, hah.

tbirdted 12/12/12 09:25 AM

good dudes, good tunes! jake is a firecracker! side note: the new EP was recorded by kory gable and travis hill at the looking glass in atlanta.

Paris1nFlames 12/12/12 10:57 AM

I'm think the EPA's title is 'restless nights'

lilguitardude76 12/12/12 03:23 PM

eh. sounds like very mediocre pop punk to me