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Drew Beringer 12/12/12 12:53 PM

Lydia's "Acoustic EP" Available Physically
Lydia's Acoustic EP is now available for physical purchase here.

Submitted by zeropunk16

CavanaughPark 12/12/12 01:46 PM

Damn, I was supposed to get one at the show tonight but tickets sold out this morning. Guess I'll just order one.

Austin Davis 12/12/12 03:00 PM

Let's get a one sided 12"

stonecoldfox 12/12/12 04:59 PM

Any chance this will get pressed on vinyl?

thesollopsist 12/12/12 05:24 PM


Originally Posted by stonecoldfox (Post 116462322)
Any chance this will get pressed on vinyl?

I would like to know this also.

darksun0111 12/12/12 07:38 PM

Shipping is $12..

Spencer Control 12/13/12 07:03 AM

Hm. They also have five-dollar albums.

InExile 12/22/12 09:36 PM

This is such a treat, really makes me want to hear the new record soon!