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Thomas Nassiff 12/12/12 02:11 PM

David Bazan Nervous Energies Session
Head to the replies to check out David Bazan's Nervous Energies session. He plays two Pedro The Lion songs and one solo song.

Thomas Nassiff 12/12/12 02:12 PM

tbsxblink 12/12/12 02:13 PM


CavanaughPark 12/12/12 03:14 PM

That version of Options is so good. Control is definitely my favorite album of his.

cswappo 12/12/12 03:15 PM

i love this guy. he's such an honest dude

kyleYM&EWK 12/12/12 04:41 PM

so good. so bummed i missed the control tour.

nerd_drummer 12/12/12 05:18 PM

Stoked to see him this Friday then SunnO))) later that night.

pleasedontpanic 12/12/12 05:52 PM

Frickin' "Options" is classic.

drewinseries 12/12/12 09:24 PM

God, I love options.

constant 12/13/12 02:47 AM


isntnikione 12/13/12 08:50 AM

oh god. i cannot even begin to explain how much I love this man.

singregardless 12/13/12 05:25 PM

stunning stuff.