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Kyle Huntington 12/13/12 04:34 AM

Jessie Ware "Sweet Talk" Video
Check out Jessie Ware's new video for "Sweet Talk" in the replies.

Kyle Huntington 12/13/12 04:34 AM

Jeff_Ryan 12/13/12 04:46 AM

It works for me

XenoAbe 12/13/12 06:45 AM

Good song and video. [two thumbs up]

Ferrari333SP 12/13/12 10:59 AM

Haha, awesome video; her whole album "Devotion" is sooo good. Sucks it's so hard to get in the US; not even Amazon has it in stock. Going to have to order it somewhere else

Isolated 12/13/12 02:30 PM

Gotta love a bit of Jessie Ware. Night Light is my fave, but the whole album is pretty sound.

Who Is Ryan? 12/13/12 02:36 PM

Love her! Devotion is one of my AOTY