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Jason Gardner 12/13/12 07:01 AM

ABSOLUTExclusive: I Hate Our Freedom
Today we're bringing you a brand new song from Brooklyn-based I Hate Our Freedom in the form of "3am New York City". The track comes from their upcoming full-length This Year's Best Disaster, which is available December 25th via I Surrender Records. Hit the replies or the band's AP.net profile to check it out. If you dig it as much is I do, you should certainly head here to pre-order the record.

Jason Gardner 12/13/12 07:02 AM

3am New York City

EndlessPrisoner 12/13/12 07:06 AM

This song/album have been out forever. Rerelease from 2011.

Alex DiVincenzo 12/13/12 07:11 AM

Worth noting that the band features members of Thursday, Texas is the Reason, Milhouse and Garrison.

Geology Rocks! 12/13/12 07:28 AM

Released on Christmas. COOL.

Jacktheskipper 12/13/12 09:17 AM

Album is damn, good, their first release is awesome, too ... both def worth buying!

TerrancePryor 12/13/12 09:19 AM


Originally Posted by EndlessPrisoner (Post 116486742)
This song/album have been out forever. Rerelease from 2011.


irthesteve 12/13/12 03:50 PM

what a terrible band name

AndrewFaint 12/13/12 07:51 PM


Originally Posted by irthesteve (Post 116509242)
what a terrible band name

I dig it.

mybreakingpoint 12/13/12 10:35 PM

i've had this album for over a year? arctic recordings released it. this is an american re-release, as previously stated^

that said, great band, great band name, great song.

absolution 12/16/12 01:01 PM

fine, its a re-release, but its a Rob Hitt re-release so ...repurchase.

nihac! 05/16/13 01:17 AM

The LP is sold out for a long time already, but there Arctic Rodeo have a few copies of the debut 7" back in stock that have been returned from their distributor. This 7" is limited to 100 copies on clear vinyl and is available at the label's web store.