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bradsonemanband 12/13/12 07:58 AM


Originally Posted by MrGlanthor (Post 116487842)
So good, i love me anything Patent Pending related



EDIT: dammit! you changed your post so now mine isn't funny!

kidinthebushes 12/13/12 08:12 AM

As much as I tend to dislike pop punk bands covering other pop punk bands, these guys can do no wrong.

Tucker SL! 12/13/12 08:14 AM


Originally Posted by Alex DiVincenzo (Post 116487852)
The released an EP of cover songs from 1999. They knew a pop punk band covering a pop punk song would be boring, so they thought a medley would be more interesting. But the legalities of selling a medley - one song containing parts of 12 different songs to varying degrees - proved to be too confusing for even their lawyer to figure out. To take the safe route, they decided to release it for free and asked if we wanted to help.

good man. will always love ap.net's undying love for all that is pop punk.

ramomcferno 12/13/12 08:23 AM

This was really cool.

thisisalchemy 12/13/12 08:31 AM

a little stale sounding since they stuck with songs that have a similar BPM but nonetheless a clever mashup. would have loved to hear Dysentary Gary covered but oh well.

15 Step 12/13/12 08:34 AM

better than everything future idiots has put out

dmcaloon 12/13/12 08:43 AM

I definitely think they could've got creative by mixing the other tracks in more. They played it safe by using the similar/popular songs, but hey, it was pretty good.

mms13 12/13/12 08:46 AM


Originally Posted by zachff (Post 116487252)
Not bad. I would've preferred if they didn't keep coming back to the What's My Age Again chorus.

They could have at least done all the variations of the chorus! "Still amused by TV shows", "Still amused by prank phone calls", "Still act like you're in freshmen year", rather than just the first

codeseven 12/13/12 08:57 AM

Eh, didn't really enjoy this all that much. I think the dude who did the acoustic rendition of all their albums was more entertaining. Not terrible though. Will need to listen to the rest of the EP.

ChaseTx 12/13/12 09:03 AM

Also, I thought the chord from the beginning of "Don't Leave Me" tacked on the end was a nice touch.

SteveD 12/13/12 10:24 AM

This is really cool.

When I heard their Break Stuff cover I had to listen to their back catalogue. I'm now completely obsessed with them. Second Family is great. I hate that I wrote them off after I listened to "Cheer Up Emo Kid"

AdamBanks 12/13/12 10:26 AM

This is pretty awesome considering how short of a time they had to record this and the other 5 songs. Thanks for getting this out AP!

tplmarc 12/13/12 11:18 AM


Originally Posted by fenderstrat383 (Post 116487512)
I highly approve of this, but where's Dysentery Gary?!

During the bridge you can hear them sing. Girls are such a drag.

heyzombiehitler 12/13/12 11:27 AM

At first i thought they coveres the whole album. That would be cool to have some Blink covers that arnt total shiet.

Except the bluegrass cover of "Adams Song". That was amazing.

brookssurrender 12/13/12 11:33 AM


Originally Posted by thisisalchemy (Post 116488652)
a little stale sounding

more than a little. despite it being an interesting concept and me absolutely loving this album, this was pretty boring.

i hate myself for saying this, but i have to. maybe try this one more time with feeling?