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Drew Beringer 12/13/12 09:29 AM

Happy Birthday Tom (@tomdelonge)
We want to wish Tom DeLonge (Blink 182) a very happy 37th birthday. Show him show love over at his Twitter page.

zachff 12/13/12 09:35 AM

Clockwise 12/13/12 10:07 AM

Happy birthday to Tom Delonge and I.

kidwithhelmet 12/13/12 10:22 AM

37? In a row?

bladerdude360 12/13/12 10:24 AM

Happy birthday!

ChaseTx 12/13/12 10:24 AM

Hope he remembers an amazing birthday.

IV. 12/13/12 10:37 AM

I hope they're all in the same room for his birthday party.

InTheatersNow 12/13/12 10:46 AM

sing better

bobcatbob18 12/13/12 10:49 AM


Originally Posted by IV. (Post 116493382)
I hope they're all in the same room for his birthday party.

I hope Tom looks like he wants to be there.

woohoo! 12/13/12 10:59 AM

anybody else remember when +44 released the demo of "no it isn't" on his birthday in like '05?

WeeBey Brice 12/13/12 11:09 AM


Celebrated with 5 stars and some Yelawolf?

EvilZeppelin 12/13/12 11:10 AM

Wow. I know I'm getting old when I see him getting old.

CastlesXClouds 12/13/12 11:14 AM

tweeted him a picture of my balls

carlosonthedrums 12/13/12 11:16 AM


Originally Posted by kidwithhelmet (Post 116492762)
37? In a row?

Can't tell you how much I love this reference.

nickthehick2 12/13/12 11:47 AM

Wow I thought he was older than that