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Christian Wagner 12/13/12 11:56 AM

Cellophane Flowers, The - 12.13.12
1. Introduce yourself and your role in the band.

It's Francesca. I sing and strum the acoustic guitar.

2. So let's talk a bit about Staring At The World. Can you give us some background on the record? Who produced it, where was it recorded, etc.?

The album is a collection of our favourite songs. The theme that runs through is alienation and not belonging. It was was produced by David M Allen (The Cure). We loved working with Dave. At every step he made good calls on where we should be going with the song and the sound. He's open to trying out ideas and experimenting, but what marks him apart is his ability to make a call on whether an idea is worth pursuing or needs dropping very very quickly. He had a vision and a plan right at the start, but we didn't know what it was right until the end...

3. It sounds like there's a range of geographical and cultural influences on the record. How do you guys incorporate that into your sound?

We all come from totally different backgrounds and all grew up listening to different genres. Luca is a blues man - Nick is a goth - Ian is a stone roses fanatic - I am a new romantic. What all of that means I have no idea.

4. I have to ask...how did you coin the term "Psychopop?"

How did the psycho-pop come up? Its because of our music. There are some psychedelic influences but the focus is always on the fact that we make pop songs.

5. A lot of times I see and read international bands being influenced by US bands. In your case, how do you take these US-based bands and give it your own flair with the musical upbringing in your home country?

In Italy we are pretty much obsessed with US music - in particular grunge is still really bug. I have always been more of a brit pop girl though, which is ultimately why I ended up in London. Having said that, The National are my current favourite band.

6. Some of the production is really great on the record. What are some of the tricks or "cool" processes or ideas that you used to achieve certain tones or sounds?

A great trick was the way we recorded the drums for our track Rock n Roll. The drums were infact recorded in a massive, disused NHS hospital kitchen, not once but three times. The triple-tracked beats transformed what was originally meant to be a light hearted 50s-style tribute to innocent lust and fumblings, into a darker, angsty shoegaze-on-Red Bull tale of frustration.
Also what sounds like sea waves in our track "in a hole" is actually the sound of Nick shredding paper on the mike.

7. How do you plan to replicate some of the sounds on the record live?

That's not hard - the album sounds pretty much the same as we play it live. That's what we wanted when we started the album, we wanted it to sound like us.

8. What's on the horizon for 2013?

More recordings, maybe a second album? Tour?

9. Any new year's resolutions?

Yes to write one happy song. A real happy song.

10. Anything else you want to say?

Please have a browse around our website at www.thecellophaneflowers.co.uk to find out more about us. And if you are in London come down to our album launch which will be at Paperdress Vintage on 6th December!