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wall e 12/14/12 10:09 AM

Shooting in Connecticut elementary school

Are you serious right now?

cubsml34 12/14/12 10:11 AM


Originally Posted by wall e (Post 116533292)

So terrible, they're reporting now that the principal and a teacher got shot.

On a side note we posted the same thread at the same time so I suppose we'll just use this one now.

cubsml34 12/14/12 10:18 AM

The details of this are becoming increasingly gruesome, with a witness now saying the principal and psychologist are dead.

Mibabalou 12/14/12 10:29 AM

: (

2's&3's 12/14/12 10:30 AM

was the shooter an adult or kid?

KellyGleason 12/14/12 10:31 AM

A child is dead.. how could someone hurt a baby? I cried just watching the interview where the kid said there was an animal loose in the school. How heartbreaking.

popdisaster00 12/14/12 10:34 AM

This is awful news. 2012 really seems like the worst year for shootings in a very long time.

KellyGleason 12/14/12 10:40 AM

14 kids?!? I can't stop crying people are so sick.

Eich696 12/14/12 10:40 AM

Gun. Control.

Laws need to be made stricter.

caveBEAR 12/14/12 10:41 AM

This shit has got to stop.

anthonydarko 12/14/12 10:45 AM

20 now? Fucking hell, that's horrible.

caveBEAR 12/14/12 10:50 AM

They're saying there may be a second gunman at large, and that there may be a whole classroom of kids missing, and there are reports of children fleeing, alone, through backyards.

BroekHosen 12/14/12 10:52 AM

Holy shit...

2's&3's 12/14/12 10:53 AM

where the hell are you guys getting this info?

KellyGleason 12/14/12 10:54 AM


Originally Posted by 2's&3's (Post 116534732)
where the hell are you guys getting this info?

cbs news on tv. 27 people, 14 children.