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Love As Arson 12/15/12 10:44 AM

I am pretty sure
Blink 182 is better than Green Day. The former is better at songwriting, while the latter is a slave to aspirations of pretension.

Reece Wagner 12/15/12 10:58 AM

I can't decide if I agree, because I'm not even really a fan of Blink 182 for the most part. But you're right, Green Day jumped the shark fully at some point after American Idiot.

Mirrorsandfevers 12/15/12 11:11 AM

I'm pretty sure you're right.

BroekHosen 12/15/12 11:14 AM

Hate Green Day, so yeah I'll agree

deanster321 12/15/12 11:28 AM

It doesn't say much either way. Green Day have just put out the two worst albums of their career (although they at least followed them up with an okay one), and as far as blink are concerned Neighbourhoods and their new song leave a lot to be desired.

heyzombiehitler 12/15/12 11:30 AM

Oh shut the fuck up.

SlappedActor 12/15/12 02:22 PM

Neither are very good songwriters.

allthewaysaid 12/15/12 06:36 PM

blink is just a way of life.

popdisaster00 12/15/12 07:20 PM


volta 12/15/12 08:22 PM

I'm not really a pop punk guy or anything but I can safely say that Blink has never played an important role in my life like Green Day did when I was 10 so I guess that's what I have to say about that

movingxpictures 12/15/12 08:55 PM

I don't even think this is all that relevant anymore

kkeebb 12/15/12 11:22 PM

im going to have to disagree.
mostly because Greenday songs get me more.

kaylasananjou 12/16/12 09:30 AM

I mean, anyone can play four chords on the guitar. Pretty sure they're both evenly mediocre.

georgedcc 12/16/12 09:39 AM

Oh, this thread again.

For me, Green Day is a hell of a lot better than Blink, Blink's self-titled is by far their best album and it's still not as good as anything Green Day released from Dookie to American Idiot.

daftpunker45 12/16/12 10:11 AM

Sounds about right.