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Drew Beringer 12/17/12 02:22 AM

Mae To Celebrate D:B in February
Mae will be celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Destination: Beautiful with a reunion show in February.

Submitted by Geology Rocks!

saddr weirdr 12/17/12 02:41 AM

Holy shit. I don't even care where this is happening, it's incredible. Can't describe how much this band means to me/my friendship with the best person in my life.

Nick Le 12/17/12 02:49 AM

Holy crap. 10 years already?

tonyC4L 12/17/12 03:01 AM

Djentleman 12/17/12 04:13 AM

underrated band

leftapart 12/17/12 04:38 AM

I wanna go!

ramomcferno 12/17/12 05:31 AM

I want to go too. It is worth the drive but I want to wait a bit to see if any other shows closer to me are announced...I would hate to miss this but if I could see it in Philly, that would be better.

SwertsOnALog 12/17/12 05:44 AM

Wish it was a tour...

billysurvive 12/17/12 07:02 AM


Originally Posted by Djentleman (Post 116622022)
underrated band

I second that. "The Everglow" is a personal favorite album.

Readyfuels 12/17/12 08:19 AM

Can't believe this is at Jewish Mother's. Nothing better than their cheesecake + Mae in the same night.

Really wish this was on a Saturday though - not sure if I can afford to take leave that early in the year to make the drive down. Praying for more dates or at least a 2nd night.

The Gryphonator 12/17/12 10:23 AM

Feels like just yesterday I was at the Destination Beautiful 5 year anniversary tour!

Nate.Rios 12/17/12 12:11 PM

First stop, reunion tour. Next stop, reunion record!

thesollopsist 12/17/12 01:00 PM

Amazing album. Second to the Everglow but still amazing. The b-sides album they released in conjunction with this was brilliant too. Spent so much money on merch from this band but I don't regret it one bit,

xsinkshipsx 12/17/12 03:17 PM

If only this was in nashville

falafelmywaffle 12/17/12 07:03 PM