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Drew Beringer 12/17/12 08:49 AM

Reminder: Bands and Industry Folks - We Want Your Lists!
Just a reminder to all bands and industry folk - we're getting closer to launching our EOTY feature and we're still continuing to build up our "end of the year" database, as we've done each year, and we want your lists! If you're in a band, work for a label, or are involved in the industry - we want to feature your favorite albums of the year in our end of the year brouhaha. We've made it super simple again this year: just email us your lists here and make sure you make it clear who the list is for (ie: if you're in a band - is it a band list, or is it an individual band member list?). We'll compile everything together, and post it all around the new year.

Please note: This feature is for industry related folk and bands, only. If you're a member/reader/special person of the website, we have a place created specially for you to post your top albums of 2012 lists.