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Keagan Ilvonen 12/17/12 11:00 AM

Justin and Beau of Saosin Join Anthony Green For "Seven Years"
Justin Shekoski and Beau Burchell of Saosin joined Anthony Green to perform "Seven Years" last night. You can find a video of the performance in the replies.

Submitted by darkjak22

Keagan Ilvonen 12/17/12 11:00 AM

Thug_Nasty 12/17/12 11:01 AM

reunion tour?

ThaRealNC 12/17/12 11:01 AM

Holy cow.

Jason Tate 12/17/12 11:03 AM

Ok ... maybe the Mayans were on to something?

Keagan Ilvonen 12/17/12 11:06 AM


Originally Posted by Thug_Nasty (Post 116635332)
reunion tour?

Release the instrumental album, reunion tour, Saosin = fin.

(Really I have no idea but that would probably be the best bet if Anthony was down for it.)

PetitnaindesĪles 12/17/12 11:07 AM

ok, what is going on

codeseven 12/17/12 11:08 AM

Wow. The fack?

I think he kinda forgot how the song goes, hah. But it was still great performance.

Zack Zarrillo 12/17/12 11:12 AM


alexisforever 12/17/12 11:12 AM

I wish that annoying girl in the background would let him sing it. Either way, this was awesome.

stuffsux00 12/17/12 11:13 AM

this show was cool. awesome surprise.

Deathco_019 12/17/12 11:14 AM

I just shat fucking bricks.

mikeisonfire 12/17/12 11:14 AM

"We all have boners!"

Clintoto 12/17/12 11:15 AM

The title of this article says 'Anthony and Beau of Saosin Join Anthony Green For "Seven Years"' Just saying.

jrtbighurt 12/17/12 11:15 AM

Never thought this would happen. Weird, I yelled this out at the New Jersey show and he had no interest in playing it.