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Jason Tate 12/17/12 12:43 PM

Morrissey Announces 2013 Tour Dates
Morrissey has announced his 2013 tour dates. Check the replies.

Jason Tate 12/17/12 12:43 PM

PirateSkater182 12/17/12 12:54 PM

I'm okay with this getting rescheduled. The ticket price bummed me out more than the fact he changed dates. Still cool he's coming to Beaumont though.

liarsenal 12/17/12 01:41 PM

Will be at the Tempe, AZ show. Yikes! Can't wait.

Robb 12/17/12 01:53 PM

I'm annoyed because the Denver venue changed, and my seats aren't as good. Oh well, it'll still be awesome.

schlotty 12/17/12 01:56 PM


xsinkshipsx 12/17/12 05:36 PM

Tickets are so freaking expensive 50 bones in Nashville. Ugh

BTBAM777 12/18/12 10:22 PM

Tempe Az on my birthday! Fuck yeah.