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Keagan Ilvonen 12/19/12 11:43 AM

Sins Releases First Full Length
Sins (Joey of Anberlin) has released his first full length album, Sink Away. You can stream/purchase the album on his Bandcamp.

Matt Metzler 12/19/12 11:47 AM

He's such a great songwriter. Purchased immediately.

B.G. 12/19/12 11:49 AM


guitarguy211 12/19/12 11:49 AM

Wow, this is fantastic.

I Speak Slow is SO good.

Matt Metzler 12/19/12 11:56 AM

"Cut the Rafters" kinda makes me want to listen to "Image of the Invisible."

RockVocalPower 12/19/12 12:05 PM

This is really good.

You can hear he's sort of adopted Stephen's vocal inflection and some of his melodic tendencies. Or vice versa.

mattplayscheap 12/19/12 12:25 PM


Originally Posted by RockVocalPower (Post 116728002)
This is really good.

You can hear he's sort of adopted Stephen's vocal inflection and some of his melodic tendencies. Or vice versa.

I think it is more Stephen adapting. I remember hearing how Joey for the most part is one of the main writers of Anberlin if you watch the dvd on cities he seems to have a lot of say in vocals and writing.

Symphonicaxiom 12/19/12 12:48 PM

Really digging this. Also curious when we're gonna hear more from Carrollhood. Pretty sure they've finished recording now.

rawspinner 12/19/12 02:17 PM

I kept hearing Stephen's vocals instead of Joey's at first. This sort of reminds me of Letterkills a bit. Just straight up in your face rock and roll.

Freud 12/19/12 03:15 PM

meh. only cool sins is johnny

moronindisguise 12/19/12 03:16 PM

Sins, consider yourself purchased. This is a fantastic release, Joey is an amazing songwriter.

contra11mundum 12/19/12 03:30 PM


Archael 12/19/12 09:11 PM

okay this is sounding pretty fucking cool right now

uglystar03 12/19/12 09:40 PM

This sounds good. Joey is a great songwriter. Anberlin fell from grace when he took a step back from writing. I'm wondering if his involvement with writing increased with their new album because it's much better than the previous two albums.

cjudge90 12/20/12 12:38 AM

damn. i didn't know joey had this kind of vocal capability. i just started listening but i'm liking what i've heard so far.

mvacare23 12/20/12 01:00 PM

Here's the deal. Instrumentally, especially the guitars, are fantastic. Reminds me a lot of all the stuff I love/have loved from Anberlin over the years. Anberlin needs to keep Joey's songwriting up front. With that said, Joey's voice kills these tracks for me. All i can do is picture Stephen singing to these jams and image how fantastic they would be.

JoeyAnberlin 12/22/12 08:42 AM

Hey guys, thank you for even talking about my record, I'm not here to dispute anyone's opinions because they are your own, just here to clear up a few things that have been nagging me a bit.
First and foremost, I cannot stress how much I DO NOT write ANYTHING for Stephen in the way of lyrics and melodies. Having been in a band with Stephen for 16 years its natural that we have an easy time relaying ideas to each other on how songs could be better, but that is it. I firmly believe that in a sea of singers/lyricists he stands out so well and will be cited by singers as an influence for a very long time after we are done.
Secondly, Anberlin is a collaboration musically and no one person is the mastermind behind us. Everyone one of us work very hard to write more than enough material for what ends up being on the record. When people say "I hear Joey/Christian/Nate/Etc in this one..." yes you do, because we all wrote these songs together. Initially do some of us bring more ideas to the table? Yes, but then it gets thrown in the collective wheelhouse and every member leaves their mark.
I honestly mean it in the most sincere and non-aggressive way possible when I say PLEASE do not assume you know the inner workings of a very tightly knit group.
Thanks to those that have been so great with not only Sins but more importantly Vital. You guys talking about this stuff lets us know that we are on the right track.

Mantle 12/23/12 03:20 AM

Joey,I didn't know you can sing so well,Me&Jack is my favorite one,are u willing to let your fans know if there's a story behind it?:-d