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Keagan Ilvonen 12/19/12 01:02 PM

United Nations To Play DC on Inauguration Day + Add New Members
United Nations will perform in Washington, DC on inauguration day. The band has also added members of Pianos Become The Teeth to their lineup.

amorning_ofsleep 12/19/12 01:04 PM

Gonna crush.

ZachMadeMeOdd 12/19/12 01:06 PM

The first sentence. Not surprising, really cool. Second sentence, awesome.

fireandice31 12/19/12 01:08 PM

This fucking RULES. So glad that I live in the area. Awesome to see them pull in guys from Pianos as well.

Poochemist 12/19/12 01:09 PM

I went to this show for the last inauguration and they crushed it. Too bad I don't live in the area any more!

Alex DiVincenzo 12/19/12 01:13 PM

Not sure which part is more awesome. I guess the latter, since I'm not in DC.

jrtbighurt 12/19/12 01:15 PM

Wish I was around going to be around that weekend! Fuck!

anamericangod 12/19/12 01:23 PM

Very awesome.

airik625 12/19/12 01:29 PM

Man I would love to see them perform live. Hoping for new material.

Buscemi Knows Best 12/19/12 01:47 PM

Incredible news. Hoping for a date close to me, but hot damn nonetheless.

EndlessPrisoner 12/19/12 01:48 PM

in my area...hmmm....

flask 12/19/12 01:51 PM

For those curious, I know one of the members from Pianos is the drummer. Not a bad replacement for Ben Koller.

tinylilnative 12/19/12 01:57 PM

Hot damn it's gonna be a good day to live in DC. Obama's Speech & Matt Pryor/Into It.Over It Show & Ellie Goulding Show & United Nations Show & eight Inaugural balls. If you've never been to DC during a Presidential Inauguration before...think of it like New Years Eve in New York City. The streets are gonna be closed to vehicular traffic nearly citywide. The bridges will be closed. And the metros will be overpacked, Tokyo-style. There will be people filling the streets and public spaces as far as the eye can see. Just, you know, be aware before you head into the district for this show.

leftapart 12/19/12 02:21 PM

Fitting, I guess.

makeoutmags 12/19/12 02:34 PM

OOOOH. Might have to visit the fella.