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Keagan Ilvonen 12/19/12 06:48 PM

No Bamboozle For 2013
The Bamboozle Festival won't be happening in 2013.

WhatJulianSaid 12/19/12 06:49 PM

Suck it Livenation!

Jeff_Ryan 12/19/12 06:50 PM

Oh well

letsgoflyers 12/19/12 06:53 PM

Well, this sure does put some pressure on Skate and Surf. Any idea when bands will be announced?

Alison1488 12/19/12 06:53 PM

Just saw this on FB. Kind of sucks, but it kind of works out for me this year. I don't have the money or the vacation days to use towards going.

emopunkfan 12/19/12 06:53 PM

Fuck Live Nation

dohare 12/19/12 06:58 PM

what exactly is the reason?

Jake Denning 12/19/12 06:58 PM



esposimi 12/19/12 06:59 PM

Wearing my 2011 Bamboozle shirt right now ironically.

shawnPLAGUES 12/19/12 07:03 PM

Many angry kids blowing up the comments on that post. This one was my favorite.

"Wow. You have got to be fucking kidding me. This is how I was gonna celebrate my 18th birthday. Now my fucking plans are ruined. Thanks a whole fucking lot."

PirateSkater182 12/19/12 07:04 PM

Good. I'm tired of being jealous of some of the people playing.

kidinthebushes 12/19/12 07:07 PM

I wasn't expecting much from it this year but this is pretty surprising.

bobsheiskawy 12/19/12 07:08 PM


Originally Posted by esposimi (Post 116744412)
Wearing my 2011 Bamboozle shirt right now ironically.


Jack Appleby 12/19/12 07:09 PM


SteveD 12/19/12 07:20 PM