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Drew Beringer 12/20/12 10:33 PM

Stream New A Day To Remember Song
You can stream a new A Day To Remember song titled "Violence (Enough Is Enough)" here (or in the replies). It's off the bands upcoming new album Common Courtesy. The band have also announced they will be going on the road in early 2013. Venues and ticket information have yet to be announced, but you can check out the routing in the replies.

Drew Beringer 12/20/12 10:33 PM

ADTR Tour Routing 20133/20/13 Atlanta, GA
3/22/13 Philadelphia, PA
3/23/13 Albany, NY
3/24/13 Worcester, MA
3/26/13 NYC, NY
3/27/13 Buffalo, NY
3/28/13 Pittsburgh, PA
3/30/13 Detroit, MI
3/31/13 Grand Rapids, MI
4/05/13 Milwaukee, WI
4/06/13 Chicago, IL
4/07/13 Minneapolis, MN
4/09/13 Denver, CO
4/10/13 Salt Lake City, UT
4/12/13 Seattle, WA
4/13/13 Portland, OR
4/15/13 San Francisco, CA
4/21/13 Pomona, CA
4/22/13 Phoenix, AZ
4/25/13 Houston, TX
4/26/13 San Antonio, TX
4/30/13 Nashville, TN
4/02/13 Tampa, FL
4/03/13 Orlando, FL
4/04/13 Miami, FL

cococrisp20 12/20/12 10:35 PM

did anyone actually get the website to work?

Drew Beringer 12/20/12 10:36 PM


Originally Posted by cococrisp20 (Post 116786182)
did anyone actually get the website to work?

haha I don't think so yet haha

Symphonicaxiom 12/20/12 10:38 PM

yea still not up

Thomas Nassiff 12/20/12 10:38 PM

website down. nice one guys.

Thomas Nassiff 12/20/12 10:39 PM

the one-minute window i had for caring about this is gone

Twobucktin 12/20/12 10:39 PM

why did they skip Southern California?!

cococrisp20 12/20/12 10:39 PM

I just got the site somewhat loaded I have a countdown for 39 minutes and a video file that isn't playing.
EDIT: and it's counting up haha

guitaristbrb 12/20/12 10:39 PM

Edit: Nevermind

dannylololol 12/20/12 10:40 PM

Get your shit together soooonnnnnnnn

flyingmonkey711 12/20/12 10:41 PM

I got semi-excited. Then... Fail...

Edit: The website being down was a fail, not the song.

Drew Beringer 12/20/12 10:41 PM


Originally Posted by Thomas Nassiff (Post 116786302)
website down. nice one guys.

seriously, just post this shit on soundcloud or something.

Slangster 12/20/12 10:42 PM

can be heard here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature...=1cQ qD1qqQsc

BrendanMachow 12/20/12 10:42 PM

Song is really really really good. Back to form.