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Lueda Alia 12/21/12 12:31 PM

New (Sexy) Mod
Say hi to your new moderator, BroekHosen!

Lueda Alia 12/21/12 12:32 PM

It only took her weeks of listening to me whine about anything and everything, and showering me with love, to get to this point!

Love you.

Reece Wagner 12/21/12 12:34 PM

Sexy never hurts.

Smash Adams 12/21/12 12:35 PM

Congrats Ali, don't ban everyone

kemichels 12/21/12 12:37 PM

Hooray! Congrats Ali.

thisisadisaster 12/21/12 12:46 PM


Jake Jenkins 12/21/12 12:51 PM

uh oh

irthesteve 12/21/12 12:52 PM

Oh whaaatttttt

J.C. 12/21/12 12:53 PM

BroekHosen 12/21/12 01:05 PM

Banning all of you

J.C. 12/21/12 01:07 PM

This was the prophecy the Mayans foretold.

wall e 12/21/12 01:09 PM

Moderator?! I barely KNOW her!

kyle is hk 12/21/12 01:10 PM

Thank god it wasn't Keyes

Cody Nelson 12/21/12 01:10 PM

Solid choice.

WhoSaidThat? 12/21/12 01:13 PM

Excellent. Way to be, Ali.