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alexalexalex 12/25/12 08:21 PM

On this day there are no events to display

GreenGentleman 12/25/12 08:26 PM

Display NONE of the events!!!

kazuma_ootaro28 12/25/12 09:27 PM

So how do you say "There are no events to display" in Vonleshka?

antiradio 12/26/12 12:41 AM


Originally Posted by gladnads (Post 116927412)
jason tate has become a robot. called it.

That is old news...seriously

EffigyOMA 12/26/12 07:30 AM

Somehow I suspect this is an automated post.

Geology Rocks! 12/27/12 04:24 AM

Is this really necessary?

mortal soldier 01/25/13 04:40 PM


Originally Posted by thesinkingship (Post 116928602)
gtfo scum