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Christian Wagner 01/03/13 08:27 AM

On My Honor To Record New LP; Nick Diener To Produce
On My Honor is heading into the studio to record a new album and Nick Diener (The Swellers) will be producing. Read a statement from the band in the replies.

Christian Wagner 01/03/13 08:28 AM

StatementHey guys,
We're going to record a full-length record this March at Overlook Studios
in Philly with our good friend Bruce Wiegner. We've also enlisted the help of
Nick Diener of The Swellers to help produce the record. We've been writing
every spare minute for the past few months and we can't wait to get this
record out to everyone! Be on the lookout for lots of details in the coming
weeks! Love you guys!

Jared215 01/03/13 09:39 AM


EastCoastKid20 01/03/13 09:44 AM

This made my whole day. One of the hardest working bands right now. They earn every bit of success they get. This band has been played regularly in my ear buds for years now and will for years to come. Very proud, very excited. Little Heart may just have something on their hands with this one.

avarice14 01/03/13 09:50 AM

THIS FREAKING BAND. THE BEST dudes. Really hope that an album of this nature can bring them the success they deserve.

JoeFCC 01/03/13 12:09 PM

Lucas is an awesome dude and does everything he can to help other bands out. Looking forward to this LP.

mattplayscheap 01/03/13 12:30 PM

good dudes.
played with my band once was a great time. hoping for big things for these guys.

The_Effort 01/03/13 02:38 PM

This band rules. Looking forward to this release