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Choose Bronze 01/05/13 11:00 AM

Honorary Title B-Sides?
Hello, I recently picked up "Scream and light up the sky" on vinyl last weekend at a record shop, the find made me pretty happy. However, there are 2 bonus tracks at the end that i never knew about! I was confused how i had never heard these songs before so I went back to the mp3s i have had for years and have been neglecting for some time(nothing like finding the LP version to stir up the beast again) and sure enough, I do not have them,

After seaching around, including in an old AP B-sides forum and another AP thread where that last post was 2008, and a couple broken links later, Its obvious they were vinyl only tracks special to the release but i know they are out there! i Just cannont find them.

My question since there doesnt seem to be an official Honorary title thread and/or a b-sides thread anymore(that i know of) is DOES ANYONE HAVE "UNDONE" and "DOESNT MAKE A DIFFERENCE"?

not too sure if i am breaking some rules here, i dont post too often. Would this belong in the "I can't find a song/album/artist! Help! (Official Thread)"? Is this falling under the uploaded material no no?

I guess PM me if you can help if doing it in here is not cool.


tm decomposer 01/05/13 06:22 PM

i've got em. shoot me a PM.

claw38 01/07/13 10:33 AM

I can't help, but thanks for reminding me of this band, I used to love them!

cooky24 01/09/13 07:28 PM

Scream and light up the sky is good, i like it too.