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Keagan Ilvonen 01/06/13 06:14 PM

The Republic of Wolves Release New Song
The Republic of Wolves have released a new song entitled "Consequence" which you can stream in the replies. The song is off their upcoming second full-length.

Keagan Ilvonen 01/06/13 06:14 PM


billyboatkid 01/06/13 06:19 PM

Can't wait. Love the EP and Varuna

i like apples 01/06/13 06:19 PM

Solid jam.

EvilZeppelin 01/06/13 06:27 PM

phaynes1 01/06/13 06:29 PM

Absolutely fantastic.

phillipjacob 01/06/13 06:52 PM

I love the vocals and the lyrics are very strong.

wall e 01/06/13 06:59 PM

A great jam

Portugal4142 01/06/13 07:12 PM

It's OK. And that's what I thought of their last 2 releases... something about this band just doesn't stick with me.

TheZeroKid 01/06/13 07:44 PM

Always love to hear new stuff from TROW. Excited for the new release!

Capulet 01/06/13 07:45 PM

this i solid

shunkums 01/06/13 07:49 PM

This is different for them, but it's SO good.

JuneJuly 01/06/13 08:16 PM

It's no 'Widow's Walk' but it's good.

low_rising 01/06/13 08:26 PM

damn, this is great.

Hereformusic 01/06/13 08:40 PM

Sounds great. Some of the vocals remind of Conor Oberst / Desaparecidios.