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Keagan Ilvonen 01/07/13 09:02 AM

Stream The Bronx's New Single
You can stream The Bronx's new single "Youth Wasted" on MTV Buzzworthy.

Slangster 01/07/13 10:17 AM


briantalife 01/07/13 10:41 AM

love this band. song sounds good. excited for this record.

bringthenoise 01/07/13 03:06 PM

such a good song. such a great band. so excited for IV.

xColetrainx 01/07/13 03:29 PM

Can someone say ROCK N'ROLL! Love it. 2013 is the year of The Bronx

hotrod 01/07/13 08:47 PM

since when did the bronx turn into a feel good rock and roll band? this just sounds like a mediocre rehash of turbonegro. Also its sponsored by MTV so UNPUNK.

BobDylanismyman 01/08/13 12:51 AM

can do no wrong.