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NewAgeofHorus 01/07/13 12:08 PM

Last Call thread
Does anyone else here listen to this band? I just finished listening to their latest release 'Dog Years' and it is amazing. 'Generation Gap', 'Bones', 'Winter Clothes' and 'Breathing Fire' are terrific songs!

cooky24 01/08/13 02:14 AM

I have never heard about them, and should you tell me a song of them?

GetUpAndrew 01/08/13 04:44 AM

Dog Years is such a good record. This band's got the potential to be a staple within the new pop punk scene, for me.

suicidalmoose 01/08/13 07:10 AM

I've been listening to Dog Years for a couple of weeks and I think it's a very solid pop-punk record. I'm thinking of buying it, so I won't have to listen to it in 192 kbps, but spending 10 dollars for a digital record is hard to swallow

tbone0329 01/10/13 12:24 AM

its well worth the money. solid record

timorous_me 03/13/13 01:46 PM

I filmed some acoustic videos with their singer recently:

StayFaithful 03/13/13 09:32 PM

Best fucking band.

They also just released a split with Wolves at Heart of the UK so check that out.

Dog Years was easily my favorite pop punk release last year.