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saddr weirdr 01/07/13 03:40 PM

Emery fans, help me out?
Think of In Shallow Seas We Sail (the album). Good. Now of these three songs, which one do you think sounds most like the songs on that album (minus the screams obviously)? And which one do you think has the best melodies? :-)

Thanks! :3

MindtheGetz 01/07/13 04:52 PM

Odd request. Probably the last one.

ReadyForAction 01/07/13 08:54 PM

The Rescue is the best song by STC so theres that

NickIsI 01/07/13 08:58 PM

I'm from the Detroit area, and when I was in high school, there was a group of kids absolutely obsessed with this band. I never understood it. I used to really like Emery though, specifically the first two albums, then I lost interest.

agl 01/07/13 10:19 PM


Originally Posted by ReadyForAction (Post 117409552)
The Rescue is the best song by STC so theres that

Seconded. I don't see the resemblance to Emery, but The Rescue is a brilliant song.

mvacare23 01/08/13 07:31 AM

I am from Michigan, one of my band members loves STC. I liked them a lot too, until I met the singer.... Nor do they sound anything like Emery

Spencer Control 01/09/13 05:11 AM

The only real comparison I see to Emery is that they use a lot of harmonies. OP, why did you ask, out of curiosity?

In other news, I've been on an Emery binge and I totally forgot they lost Devin. I'm not sure they can ever come back from that loss, but seriously, ... In Shallow Seas We Sail, I'm Only a Man, and The Question are all incredible albums. (The Weak's End has its place too.)