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M.Lee 01/07/13 04:08 PM

The Official Wrestling Thread Part VII: Stealing the Thread and Your Girlfriend

stronger than a bear, faster than a buck, the biggest thing to hit Raw because the past month sucked

youenvydoug 01/07/13 04:08 PM


schlotty 01/07/13 04:11 PM

Took me way to long to find this:

schlotty 01/07/13 04:13 PM

They just want to kill me:

Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show has been discussed as the World Heavyweight Title match for Royal Rumble.

JayDanielHammer 01/07/13 04:14 PM

aradiantsunrise 01/07/13 04:15 PM


schlotty 01/07/13 04:17 PM


M.Lee 01/07/13 04:17 PM

Dolph better cash in anyway so I don't really care about the actual match too much

JayDanielHammer 01/07/13 04:19 PM

Watching NJPW Wrestle Kingdom. Harley Davidson has their logo on the ring. THEY KNOW WHAT'S UP.

schlotty 01/07/13 04:25 PM

I think it'd be cool if Dolph didn't cash in until the last second he can.

JayDanielHammer 01/07/13 04:26 PM

I think it's smart to have Dolph be champ or win it at WM. That's just my opinion.

JayDanielHammer 01/07/13 04:32 PM

-NXT stars Kassius Ohno and Adrian Neville (formerly PAC) were among the developmental stars that were in attendance for the RAW live event from Tallahassee, Florida over the weekend.


NXT/FCW is located in the area but wouldn't it be something if The Shield expanded!?

aradiantsunrise 01/07/13 04:36 PM

Fuck that would be awesome.

DaveFeelsRight 01/07/13 04:38 PM

LA parka for a comeback, plz

Deartragedy88 01/07/13 04:44 PM

I'm definitely tuning in tonight. RAW should be interesting.