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Alex DiVincenzo 01/08/13 10:05 AM

Vinnie Caruana to Release Solo EP "City by the Sea" Next Month
Vinnie Caruana (I Am the Avalanche, The Movielife) will release his debut solo EP, City by the Sea, on February 5th via I Surrender / Run For Cover Records. Stream one of the tracks, "Somehow the World Keeps Turning," in the replies.

Track Listing
1. Somehow The World Keeps Turning
2. Boy, You're In Heaven
3. To Be Dead And In Love
4. City By The Sea
5. If I'm A Battleship, Then You're The Norther Lights (Thank You)
6. Kingwood

Alex DiVincenzo 01/08/13 10:05 AM

Press ReleaseVinnie Caruana, frontman of punk icons I Am The Avalanche and seminal post-hardcore band The Movielife, has announced details today about his upcoming debut solo release, "City By The Sea," out February 5th on I Surrender / Run For Cover Records. Caruana will be touring the US in support of "City By The Sea" (produced by Steve Choi from RX Bandits) throughout February on the Acoustic Basement Tour, along with Geoff Rickley (Thursday), A Loss For Words, Koji and Brian Marquis. "Somehow The World Keeps Turning", the first track off Caruana's EP, can also be streamed here now.

Speaking from the boardwalk in Long Beach, NY, Caruana shared the inspiration for his solo debut: "The city was hit hard by Sandy and is doing its best to bounce back. It's an incredible place to live and the people are proud to call it home. I moved here 3 years ago and intend to remain here as long as I can. I live very close to the ocean and it continues to be a huge inspiration to me and my music. I was very lucky compared to the thousands whose homes and lives were drastically affected by the storm and I won't ever take that for granted. The boardwalk will be torn down and rebuilt very soon. It's all part of the healing process."

Speaking of "City By The Sea," Caruana says "I really felt like I owed this to myself and to all the people who have supported my music for so long. I won't let either of us down."

* "City By The Sea" pre-order packages are available in the following formats: CD, CD + T-Shirt, Vinyl, and UK, Vinnie will have a limited run of 300 hand-numbered 12"s pressed exclusively for the acoustic basement tour. These 300 are limited will only be available from Vinnie at these shows. Additional vinyl will be released March 5th.

therookielot 01/08/13 10:17 AM

No studio version of Mrs. Green?

xHoodieWeather 01/08/13 10:32 AM

To be dead and in love is going to sound amazing.

Jaytothesyg 01/08/13 10:39 AM

Excited for this release and for the Acoustic Basement tour!

Song is good

spiffa0 01/08/13 10:40 AM

Ordered the vinyl

GetUpAndrew 01/08/13 11:09 AM

So excited.

briantalife 01/08/13 11:30 AM


counting the days...

singregardless 01/08/13 11:48 AM

sounds good. definitely will pick this up on the 6th.

irthesteve 01/08/13 12:20 PM

that song is great, really excited for the full EP

Chemical Love 01/08/13 01:15 PM

Sounds like a Vinnie tune so, yea, I like it.

Stuckinvhs 01/08/13 02:07 PM

I would love to see him live. Only time i ever have was I Am The Avalanche back in 06. Best opener.

SteveD 01/08/13 06:34 PM

To Be Dead And In Love is going to be one of my favorite tracks ever. I have listened to the live version of it so much.

FourStarters 01/08/13 07:10 PM

"Thank You" is so good.

mshoreline49 01/08/13 07:38 PM

just popped in to say i'm psyched for this. pumped for anything vinnie does.