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Jason Tate 01/08/13 12:35 PM

Cage the Elephant in the Studio
Cage the Elephant appear to be in the studio.

Submitted by wtfjaked

MrDelux 01/08/13 01:03 PM

Woo! The local band made it big

herestoyoufla 01/08/13 01:09 PM

Fuck yeah, love that band. Awesome stage presence.

"Im stuck here in between the shadows of my yesterday, i wanna get away, i neeeed to get awayyy"

irthesteve 01/08/13 01:18 PM

love these guys

ClintMontgomery 01/08/13 01:36 PM

They killed at starry nights festival. Neat to see a local band from bowling green on here. I'm sure their new stuff will be great.

The Minn 01/08/13 02:21 PM

my local band was Papa Roach, lol =)

leftapart 01/08/13 05:04 PM

Yes yes yes yes yes!!!

calmsurrender 01/08/13 10:24 PM