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Deborah Remus 01/09/13 11:21 AM

Single Mothers Join Dine Alone Records
Single Mothers have signed with Dine Alone. The band will start recording a debut full-length this winter with Joby J. Ford from The Bronx and it will be released later this year.

jdr277 01/09/13 11:27 AM

They should go on tour with "Dads"...

Dustin Harkins 01/09/13 11:43 AM

Dining alone is probably a dream come true for a single mother.

Mr. November 01/09/13 11:45 AM

hopefully they keep the really loud distorted production, it works for their sound.

BozzBlonde 01/09/13 11:46 AM

Holy shit, this is awesome.

spaghettti 01/09/13 11:56 AM


Montauk1222 01/09/13 12:18 PM

Good band

wall e 01/09/13 12:50 PM

incredible band.

The Fool 01/09/13 02:04 PM

Is Secret Voice not a thing anymore?

Deborah Remus 01/09/13 02:14 PM


Originally Posted by The Fool (Post 117473302)
Is Secret Voice not a thing anymore?

As far as I know Dine Alone is only handling the release in Canada.

brandon_260 01/09/13 02:54 PM

Great pairing.

signal to noise 01/09/13 05:04 PM

i could have sworn i remember Jeremy (TA/Secret Voice) saying that there was already a new Single Mothers thing but it was one of the many many things to get backed up being pressed because of the Beatles thing. oh well, a full length coming sooner than later is still awesome.

Gigantor 01/09/13 06:12 PM

AOTY! Can't wait.

Cøltøn 01/09/13 06:51 PM

Just got into this band recently. This will be cool!

AReiss 01/09/13 07:38 PM

Good, now they can tour with Mockingbird Wish Me Luck.