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Jason Tate 01/09/13 04:23 PM

The Front Bottoms Recording
The Front Bottoms will be in Austin recording their album for the next three weeks and have announced three shows for the trip home.

Submitted by FueledByFrodo

wall e 01/09/13 04:24 PM

Album of the year

get up kidd 01/09/13 04:42 PM

Pretty excited for this. This band just doesn't stop

BlinkAvAfan21 01/09/13 05:00 PM

I hope it's good, their self-titled had a bunch of very solid songs.

CapitalG24 01/09/13 05:01 PM

Can't wait to hear new stuff from these.

DemBitties 01/09/13 05:04 PM

I missed these guys being my little secret.

Pls play the Meatlocker again. We promise we won't tell anyone. :)

Soupy 01/09/13 05:10 PM

Most anticipated.

US Camera 01/09/13 05:17 PM

In a year of great releases coming up, this is absolutely my most anticipated of 2013.

CluckyB 01/09/13 05:25 PM

tttygxlove 01/09/13 05:35 PM

so much excitement!

ITS A TRAP! 01/09/13 05:55 PM


Kixur413 01/09/13 07:19 PM

These guys are fantastic. Love my pillow cover from them :) They need to put their old stuff up for sale or bring some cds along their tours too!

Jaytothesyg 01/09/13 08:00 PM

Figured they would release an album this year but didn't know they'd start so soon! So excited

sjb2k1 01/09/13 08:01 PM

2013 is shaping up quite nicely

Kdenisarealboy 01/09/13 08:44 PM

Thank god. This will be my AOTY 2013-2014

Lallysup 01/09/13 08:45 PM

Coolest band

Alex DiVincenzo 01/09/13 09:14 PM

Real excited to hear what they do next.

EastCoastKid20 01/10/13 06:58 AM

Paul Kupper from Aim For The Skies has such a huge boner right nowz

BigAl 01/10/13 01:38 PM

I'm very excited for this! Brian should wear his Supersonic shorts to all of the shows.