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Wake Up 01/11/13 12:59 AM

(500) Days of Summer: is this the worst movie of all time?

The film is presented in a nonlinear narrative, as it jumps from various days within the 500-day span of Tom and Summer's relationship, indicated by an animation that includes the day's number; this summary is a linear version of the events of the film.
On January 8, Tom Hansen (Joseph Gordon Levitt) meets Summer Finn (Zooey Deschanel), the new assistant to his boss. Tom trained as an architect but works as a writer at a greeting card company in Los Angeles. Following a karaoke night, Tom's friend and co-worker McKenzie (Geoffrey Arend) reveals that Tom is attracted to Summer. During the next few months Summer and Tom grow closer, despite Summer's telling Tom that she does not believe in true love, and does not want a boyfriend.
Tom shows Summer his favorite spot in the city, which overlooks a number of buildings he likes, although the view is spoiled by parking lots. After several months of dating, Tom gets into a fight with a man who flirts with Summer, and they have their first argument. On day 290, Summer and Tom end their relationship after they see The Graduate, a film which Tom thinks shows true love. Tom does not take the breakup well, and Tom's friends call his younger sister, Rachel, to calm him down.
Summer quits her job at the greeting card company. Tom's boss moves him to the consolations department, as his depression is not suitable for happier events. Months later, as Summer and Tom attend the wedding of a co-worker, they dance at the wedding and Summer catches the bouquet. They sit next to each other on the trip home, and Summer invites Tom to a party at her apartment. He attends the party, but leaves when he sees that Summer is wearing an engagement ring. Tom enters a deep depression, only leaving his apartment for alcohol and junk food. After a few days, he returns to work with a hangover and after an emotional outburst, quits his job. He decides to rededicate himself to architecture, makes a list of firms, and begins to attend interviews.
On day 488, Summer sees Tom at his favorite spot in the city, and they talk. Tom states his lack of understanding towards her actions. Summer explains that he was right about the existence of true love and that she discovered in someone else all the feelings she had never been sure about with Tom. Summer holds Tom's hand. She says she is glad to see Tom is doing well. As she leaves Tom tells her he really hopes she is happy.
Twelve days later, on Wednesday, May 23, he attends a job interview and meets a beautiful girl who is also applying for the same job. They talk, and Tom learns she shares his favorite spot and dislike for the parking lots. Before entering the interview, he makes a date to have coffee with her afterwards. He asks her name, and she replies "Autumn".

since the last thread was so successful, i've decided to keep doing this! i am so freaking PUMPED! thank you!

i'm also going to keep a list of all the movies voted with a majority of yes

Worst Movies:

I Melt With You [the mothman prophecies director, 2012]

Theseventhson 01/11/13 01:01 AM


IntoTheSun 01/11/13 01:01 AM

I really loved this movie in 2009

though I would probably agree with most/all criticisms you have about it

IntoTheSun 01/11/13 01:06 AM

"It's just so quirky"

Wake Up 01/11/13 01:18 AM

Theseventhson 01/11/13 01:22 AM

fuck u mal i hit the wrong button asshole i hate you.

thesafeword 01/11/13 01:33 AM

More like the best movie of all time :)

DeathOrGlory 01/11/13 01:46 AM

I like it. Ending sucks but yeah.

IntoTheSun 01/11/13 01:53 AM

Why did the ending suck?

DeathOrGlory 01/11/13 01:59 AM

You didn't roll your eyes when he asked the girl's name and she said Autumn? It's like in the Dark Knight Rises when you find out JGL's middle name is Robin. It's just silly.

IntoTheSun 01/11/13 02:03 AM

Oh yeah, that part.

thesafeword 01/11/13 02:14 AM

There are too many trolls on this forum this movie is great go Christopher Nolan!!

johnnyferris 01/11/13 03:20 AM

I thought the Autumn part was cheesy but other than that I believe it to be a good movie.

Symphonicaxiom 01/11/13 03:24 AM

Lol, aside from the "worst movie of all time" exaggeration....the genre that this movie falls into is part of a crazy societal disillusionment than I don't really want to delve into because I'm a miserable bastard. That being said, for what it is, Zooey and JGL deliver. Hate on Sparks if you really feel cheated by the lack of realism in romanticism.....jeez, people are weird.

cody_rosebalm 01/11/13 03:31 AM

I love this movie.