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Jason Tate 01/12/13 06:00 AM

What Was Popular on AP.net Last Week?
Did you miss any of the hot topics around the website last week? Here's the recap.

Popular News Articles
1) For Today Guitarist Says "No Such Thing as a Gay Christian"
2) Thursday Discussion: The Biggest Bands To Cross Over To The Mainstream
3) Enter Shikari to For Today: "Educate Yourself or Put Down Your Instrument"
4) Destiny's Child Announce New Album
5) All Time Low, Pierce the Veil, Mayday Parade, You Me at Six Tour Dates
6) Mike Reynolds Leaves For Today, Vocalist Mattie Montgomery Posts Video
7) Shone Announce Show (Say That Three Times Fast)
8) Nas: Greatest Lyricist of All Time
9) Rise Records and Drama? No Way!
10) AP.net Interview: Paramore

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2) Kitty Pryde - D.A.I.S.Y. Rage EP
3) Justin Timberlake - New Album?
4) Owel - Self-Titled (2013, Self-Released)
5) Al Roker Sharts His Pants! At the White House! LOL
6) The Republic of Wolves - TBA 2013
7) David Bowie - The Next Day (March 2013)
8) merchandise - totale nite (2013; night people)
9) Dutch funding colony on Mars by making it into a reality TV show
10) Daughter - If You Leave (2013; 4AD, Glassnote)

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1) Official 2012-2013 NHL Discussion Thread
2) The Official Wrestling Thread Part VII: Stealing the Thread and Your Girlfriend

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1) Pokemon X and Y (2013)
2) (500) Days of Summer: is this the worst movie of all time?
3) Interstellar (Christopher Nolan, 2014)
4) I Melt With You: is this the worst movie of all time?
5) Random Entertainment Poll: 1/7/2013
6) List Of Films That Everyone Should See
7) Chasing Amy: is this the worst movie of all time?
8) New In Theaters - 01/11/13
9) Box Office Prediction Thread: 1/11/13 - 1/13/13
10) Fantasm - horror convention documentary (Kyle Kuchta, 2013)

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2) Congressman pushing to get rid of 22nd amendment
3) Gneral Politics Thread I: We Have To Start Over Because Kevin Can't Spell
4) Weekly Discussion 1/7/13: Branches of Government
5) Schools can require students to wear tracking devices

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Check out all the forums here - there's always good discussions going on.

EmoErk 01/12/13 07:36 PM

just like to say i love these weekly reviews. in my old age i dont check as much and it catches me up and all the good stuff