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Kelly Doherty 01/13/13 02:40 AM

Self-Promotion Spotlight: Breath Of An Epoch
This week on the Self Promotion Forum, I discovered the wonderful Breath Of An Epoch. The Illinois three piece deal mostly in extremely lo-fi, noodly emo that features quite distinct screamy vocals. Imagine a band along the lines of Midwest Pen Pals and then make them even more lo-fi, and you've got these guys. All of their music is 'name your price' on Bandcamp so there's no excuse to not check them out! Interested in being a part of the Self-Promotion Spotlight? It's easy, just sign up for an AbsolutePunk.net account and post in the Self-Promotion forum.

therookielot 01/13/13 09:49 AM

Did they name themselves after my favorite Dr. Manhattan song? How did they know it was my favorite?