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chokeychicken 01/16/13 10:14 PM

Lennay Kekua = Amy Hopler
it's the only thing that really makes sense.


make_this_hurt2 01/16/13 10:16 PM

Amy Hopler is dead. Long live Amy Hopler.

irthesteve 01/16/13 10:47 PM


vandalsandquinn 01/17/13 12:11 AM

what are these things

make_this_hurt2 01/17/13 12:10 PM

I am 12, what is this?

lightcollapse 01/17/13 12:31 PM


ghostyouare 01/17/13 12:58 PM

This thread didn't need to happen.

WakingTheMisery 01/17/13 02:05 PM

Who are these people posting in here?

Theseventhson 01/17/13 02:21 PM

Chokey, please.

GoWaitInTheCar 01/17/13 02:47 PM


I've been out of the loop on AP Inside Jokes for like three years. It really sucks when it all comes down to it. Remember when everyone was so cool and you knew everyone's name?

WakingTheMisery 01/17/13 02:53 PM

newfoundnorcal 01/17/13 03:06 PM

Have to admit, she crossed my mind when I heard about this story.

WakingTheMisery 01/17/13 03:09 PM

My god. Where are you all coming frommmmmm?

Jake Jenkins 01/17/13 03:23 PM

If you don't know who the first name in this thread title is please do all of us a favor and read the fucking news and emerge from your cave

movingxpictures 01/17/13 03:29 PM