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Sean Rizzo 01/18/13 05:54 PM

New Hammock Song and 20% Off Sale
Hammock have released a new song, "From the Dust... We Ran to Greet the Dawn", for free on their bandcamp profile. If you enjoy it, definitely feel free to pay more than the minimum. There is also a 20% off sale for everything on their bandcamp until January 21. To claim the discount, after selecting "Buy Now", click "Have a discount code?", enter the word "hammock" in the box and click "apply".

Mens 01/18/13 08:18 PM

this band is really good,

Sean Rizzo 01/18/13 08:18 PM


Originally Posted by Mens (Post 117898752)
this band is really good,

You can say that again.

Mens 01/18/13 08:19 PM

Thanks for posting this!

Sean Rizzo 01/18/13 10:38 PM


Originally Posted by Mens (Post 117898802)
Thanks for posting this!

Anytime, man. Hammock are one of my all-time favorites.

troymess 01/19/13 01:09 PM

Amazing stuff

Steve Alcala 01/19/13 07:22 PM


Adelaide123 01/28/13 07:00 PM

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