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Kelly Doherty 01/20/13 04:29 PM

Canadian Wedding - Keep Count EP
Canadian Wedding - Keep Count EP
Record Label: Don't Live Like Me Records
Release Date: January 18, 2013

Nick Stustman is a busy man. Band member extraordinaire, he’s played a part in many a band, Merchant Ships, Midwest Pen Pals and Park Jefferson to name a few. After a couple of years solo, Mr Stutsman is back with a band, and this time around it’s Canadian Wedding. Keep Count is Canadian Wedding’s debut release and is five tracks of twinkle daddy tinted acoustic. Initially intended as a full band release, Keep Count is the perfect EP for kids who are looking for some acoustic jams to file alongside their Empire! Empire! and Dowsing records.

The most initially distinct characteristic of Keep Count is its instant likeability. With only one listen the songs manage to lodge themselves in your brain until your brain cells start shouting out for more. Opener, “Keep Count” paves the way for what follows in the EP. Quite lo-fi recordings, simple acoustic guitar and easy to relate to lyrics that never become cliché but always remain accessible. “Keep Count” is one of the most downbeat tracks on the EP and somehow, despite its simplicity, manages to have quite powerful emotion resonance. “The Midwest Is So Far East” is the most technically catchy track off the release with it’s catchy melody, and repetitive lyricism but overall , every track stands up on its own. “More Alive Than We’ve Ever Been” is the sole track on the EP that strays from emo troubadour territory and is a wonderfully intriguing closer to the EP with its raw instrumentation and shouted vocals.

Quite honestly put, Keep Count is a wonderful EP. Admittedly, the guitar isn’t always played the right way and the vocals don’t always hit the best notes, but if these songs were perfect they’d lose the magic that they possess. It’s Canadian Wedding’s controlled ramshackle delivery and straight up lyrics that makes this EP so great and with a full-length coming up later this year, welcome to your new favourite band.

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Additional InformationTrack Listing
1. Keep Count
2. Underground (I'm Not Sorry)
3. Better Things To Do
4. The Midwest Is So Far East
5. More Alive Than We've Ever Been

Band Members
Nick Stutsman