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Thomas Nassiff 01/25/13 02:29 AM

jokes aside - you could do a lot worse in terms of an internship, especially if you're a journo or communications major. i got three internship credits one semester and got to skip a boring history of journalism class. worth it!

Eckel 01/25/13 02:30 AM

I ain't yo bitch,bitch!!

Drew Beringer 01/25/13 03:01 AM


Originally Posted by Thomas Nassiff (Post 118178402)
why would you ever quote that terribly long post? haha. it took me so long to scroll past it that i started laughing midway.

edit: also, i'm not an expert on every university ever, but at UF, it would be too late to get college credit for spring semester for an internship. you have to be signed up for an "internship class" that's worth the amount of credit you'd be getting. it's past drop/add week, so you'd be screwed and not able to get credit for this semester already.

this could be true for some people, but again it wasn't up to me when this got posted on buzz's site.

Born_For_This 01/25/13 04:18 AM

Damn not living in LA. Or even the USA.

Hagysaurus Rex 01/25/13 07:50 AM

When I read the title of the thread I imagined this guy saying it.

incognitojones 01/25/13 07:54 AM

and in turn could you show me how to cook up summer in the winter?

lp670sv 01/25/13 08:22 AM


Originally Posted by Drew Beringer (Post 118178572)
this could be true for some people, but again it wasn't up to me when this got posted on buzz's site.

I'm assuming this position is completely unpaid yes? I'd move out to LA for it if it could cover room/board but I don't think I could find another job out there with flexible enough hours :/

Dustin Harkins 01/25/13 08:41 AM

Let me be your manager.

Anthony Sorendino 01/25/13 09:01 AM

Great to see this! Awesome sign of growth!

Holly HoX! 01/25/13 09:10 AM

Corky Dilsmack

xColetrainx 01/25/13 09:35 AM

Hey I'd like to work for this spectacular website that I check every day of my life. I have a B.F.A. photo degree, is that okay? I can do whatever, take pictures, write, listen to music, hang out, do work, ya know...all the important stuff. Hire me

positiv-o 01/25/13 10:34 AM


Originally Posted by Thomas Nassiff (Post 118178412)
you might get picked as the intern and actually have to do this stuff :-(

Dammit I do hate doing work. I thought I would just get a cool red name out of the deal now there's WORK involved? ;)

almightykingdom 01/25/13 10:40 AM

LA huh? Too bad this position is not in Portland. Would be great to put on my resume. Oh well! Hope you get a great intern Drew!

hiddenjem 01/27/13 05:13 PM

In Grand Rapids MI and I'd move to Cali in a heartbeat for an opportunity like this.. Love music that much
And this website.