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pissand409 01/27/13 03:26 PM

really excited to see how their sound has developed

Alison1488 01/27/13 03:53 PM

Nothing makes me happier than this headline. I fucking love the Front Bottoms!

EastCoastVans 01/27/13 04:02 PM


Originally Posted by Kixur413 (Post 118272382)
Here's one from 9 months ago.

I've never heard this, but I really like it. So excited for this record.

Jared Luttrell 01/27/13 08:18 PM

Man I love this band. So glad to see them getting more attention!

VanMastaIteHab 01/27/13 08:36 PM

What good news this was to wake up to.

kaylasananjou 01/27/13 09:11 PM

Such a great band. Easily one of my best musical discoveries in the past year.

mondaybest 01/27/13 09:59 PM

Is Au Revoir on the new record?

Jaytothesyg 01/27/13 10:14 PM

So excited! Their last album is too good

xBranx 01/27/13 11:22 PM

So excited.

Kid Defender 01/28/13 02:22 AM


larokr 01/28/13 05:35 AM

Very excited for this.

Jacob Tender 01/28/13 09:48 AM


likedyingy0ung 01/28/13 10:42 AM

Hope they play some new stuff at the Meltdown in D.C.~

jrtbighurt 01/29/13 08:08 AM

Yes, love this band.