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Nathan Lint 03/10/08 11:44 AM

That Was Something/Time And Distance Tour
That Was Something and Time And Distance will be embarking on a tour starting tomorrow.
Tour Dates3/11 The School Pittsburgh, PA
3/12 Luna Lounge Brooklyn, NY
3/13 Penny Arcade Rochester, NY
3/14 Italian Club Pittson, PA
3/15 Beachland Ballroom Cleveland, OH
3/18 The Village Theatre Indianapolis, IN
3/19 Swing State Lake Villa, IL
3/20 Static Age Romeo, MI

dustyfloors 03/10/08 11:55 AM

Lake Villa... Yikes.
Shame I won't make it to this. I really like Time and Distance.

sjb2k1 03/10/08 01:37 PM

That Was Something, next time come through NC, please and thank you.

falloutcollapse 03/10/08 01:56 PM

Lake Villa represent hahaha

LCincala 03/10/08 11:01 PM

dude, give me one day to drop all my plans, why dont you.

okay, i will.