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Gabeasl 01/28/13 06:10 PM

Song sounds badass dudes!
Great guitar tones. Use the matchless a lot?

kamg09 01/28/13 06:10 PM

Would you do another thing like Band in the Bubble again? If not, did you feel like the self-titled album, Cartel, felt as if the creative process was pushed more. The music is fantastic in that album, "Lose It", "The Fortunate", but did the album feel rushed since you had such a short amount of time to do it in?

surette 01/28/13 06:11 PM


Originally Posted by sjb2k1 (Post 118334571)
thanks scott! site's a bit wonky right now

no problem! yeah it's pretty crazy haha

djeanne98 01/28/13 06:11 PM

Wow. Just wow. Amazing. I've been waiting months for a sneak peak at the new album and it's awesome. Thank you.

Kdenisarealboy 01/28/13 06:12 PM

Wow, this song is amazing! Can't wait for the album!

travicty 01/28/13 06:12 PM

Have ya'll already come up with other titles that start with a "C" for your next album?(;

royaltannenbomb 01/28/13 06:13 PM

did you record this in a bubble?

JosephCartel 01/28/13 06:13 PM


Originally Posted by Searos (Post 118334981)
What is something special about this album that yall feel is unique to it alone in yalls discography? Each album yall have is different for better and worse and translate differently live.

Also since the release of In Stereo and returning to a more raw output in regards to songs will more songs from yall's self title be played live in the future? I am sure it is harder now that you have more to draw from plus expectations from fans. I wonder does expectations of fans ever interfere with the ideal setlist yall would like to provide?

Collider incorporates everything we've learned about songwriting and production over the past 10 years. That's what makes Collider special to me.

Expectations from fans absolutely interfere with my ideal set list.

Hurley86 01/28/13 06:13 PM

Will what's your favorite Cereal????

drummer13 01/28/13 06:14 PM

How was the writing process? if I'm not mistaken, you guys said that this record was the closest to Chroma in terms of how natural it felt, so I was just wondering what changed in the whole process to make it feel that way?

P.S. The song kicks ass!

Jacob Tender 01/28/13 06:14 PM

This question is for Will:

I caught the Early November tour while I was visiting Chicago. If I recall correctly, that was near the end of the tour. Your voice sounded as pristine as I've ever heard it. What do you do to keep golden while on the road?

JosephCartel 01/28/13 06:14 PM


Originally Posted by nicCartel (Post 118335231)

hey joseph, check it! churros! haha! arriba!!!

HOLY SHIT. 6 letter C word. How did I miss that!?

LastDeclaration 01/28/13 06:15 PM

I was wondering if you guys had any retrospective thoughts about the self-titled record. It's definitely your most polarizing, though it's my personal favorite, as well as most of my friends'. I had a brief conversation with Joe about it after a show (you guys had not included any s/t songs in your setlist that night, and I asked why), and he insinuated that even the band was a bit polarized about that album, and there was disagreement between you guys over how good it was, whether it was a sound you should return to, whether you should play those songs live, how much the fans like the songs, etc. Those aren't his words - just the impression I got.

So how does the band (or any one of you individually) view that album? And why weren't you including any s/t songs in your sets? It really disappointed me, tbh (thought it was still a great show and set).

Hurley86 01/28/13 06:15 PM

Nic, How did you get the nickname Chipmunk Cheeks?

JosephCartel 01/28/13 06:15 PM


Originally Posted by royaltannenbomb (Post 118335551)
did you record this in a bubble?

Would you still like the song if we did?